Chile Trip Adventure is a company based in Valparaíso that offers Tourism, Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism tours. It was created with the intention of providing tourism services of the highest quality standards and personalized services to its customers.

José Tomás Ovalle, Ecotourism Manager, CHILE TRIP ADVENTURE.


The total satisfaction of our customers, always exceeding their travel expectations, is essential for us.

Thus, the main pillars that make CHILE TRIP ADVENTURE a 100% reliable company are: Honesty, ethics and complete transparency on each of our operations.

Moreover, the 3 basic principles of Ecotourism used in all our trips are:

  • Care of the environment
  • Use and promotion of the sustainable development in each of our activities
  • Contribution to the economic and social development of local communities.


Our mission is to provide personalized services of Tourism, Adventure tourism and Ecotourism of the highest quality standards to national and international clients as well as to companies and institutions that visit the central area of our country.

Our commitment is to exceed the expectations of our customers in each of our trips, guaranteeing a warm and friendly treatment from all the CHILE TRIP ADVENTURE’s staff.


Our vision is to be the best tour operator at the time of providing unique and memorable experiences to our passengers and, therefore, to be nationally and internationally recognized in the field of Tourism.

Similarly, we project ourselves as a company that works day in and day out under the principles of sustainability, protection and care of the environment, contributing, in parallel, to the economic and social development of local communities.

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